Success Stories

I Have Made The Discovery Of My True Authentic Voice

Thank you so much for the great lessons. I am enjoying lesson #1 tremendously. Right off the bat I am getting an easy tool and muscle awareness that has changed my consciousness also about speaking. The voice comes “all of a sudden” from a very different place, a different source. It has some gentle power to it. I feel like for the first time in my life (49) I have made the discovery of my true authentic voice. Thank you for your genuine passion as a teacher.

Jasna Pecaric

A Wonderful New Dimension

I'm a voice teacher myself, and find that the materials add a wonderful new dimension to my personal studies and for my ability to communicate with my own students. I love what Per has done. He is able to describe complex vocal pedagogy phenomena simply and with an energy, honesty, and enthusiasm rarely found even in music conservatories.


I Love Your Approach To The Voice: Freedom!

I am from South Africa, and as a child I used to stutter every time I talked. Somehow I got over that but I think a lot of stress and strain developed in my vocal chords during that disturbing time of my childhood which I have not been able to get total freedom from until I took your course. So I want to say thank you Coach for allowing me to learn so much from you and your experience. I appreciate the fact that you are ‘REAL' with people and that you are making the student feel save and free to make mistakes. I love your approach to the voice: Freedom! Allow your voice (and your life) to be all it can be by giving it the space it needs to be free!


Like Really Being In The Same Room With You

Hello Per, Firstly let me tell you how much I've enjoyed and benefited from your course. I have found the video's to be most beneficial to me. Watching you on my computer is like really being in the same room with you. I love the way you wait while allowing us to try various techniques. I feel like I could almost ask you a question right there and then! You are inspiring and thank you so much for your help.

Marco Moretti