Per Bristow originally hails from Sweden where he was first known as a child prodigy musician, youth elite athlete and later became one of the most sought after performers in Sweden. He had one of the leading roles in the two biggest box office successes in Swedish Theatre history.

For the last two decades he has operated in Los Angeles where he has helped thousands of speakers and singers develop their amazing voice within.

His work spans helping people overcome severe voice problems to becoming ultimate peak performers when the pressure is on.

The Bristow Voice Method employs a unique method of gaining awareness of the muscles involved in making sound combined with rapid learning abilities to free and strengthen the voice - using principles such as:

  • Advanced kinesthetic (muscular) awareness
  • Mental imagery/visualization techniques
  • Understanding and applying the physical law of least effort
  • The application of flow and rhythm
  • A developed ability to enter a state of “peak performance”

Now, with the Speak With Freedom Program, Per is focusing on the unique qualities of the speaking voice. His method works equally well for the person who can't be heard, to the person who has a stringent quality to their voice that needs to be softened. In all cases, speaking with depth and power can enhance a person's career, social life and relationships.