About Per Bristow

Per Bristow is originally from Sweden and is currently residing in Los Angeles. He developed the Bristow Voice Method that has now helped thousands of speakers and singers in 146 countries develop healthy and functional voices, and become more effective communicators and performers.

His method has evolved out of Per's background as a child prodigy violin player, elite youth athlete, singer and performer in some of Europe's biggest shows, combined with his decades of coaching voice, performance, peak performance skills and more.

Much of his work centers around developing a deeper kinesthetic awareness, advanced muscle isolation skills and functionality training to release hidden tension and effectively develop strength, range, resonance and more.

His Speak With Freedom training also serves to release your "inner voice" – to become a confident, influential and impactful communicator.

In addition, his Peak Performance Mastery training is to develop elite skills  to transform fears and anxieties into freedom and be able to excel under pressure on stage on the sports field or in high pressured business and life situations.

His live events have sold out in 9 countries on 4 continents.

Per Bristow Live - Brisbane

Per Bristow Live - Las Vegas

Per Bristow Live - Sydney

Per Bristow Live - Berlin

Per Bristow Live - Melbourne, Australia

Per Bristow Live - Sydney